Wooden tray use precautions

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       Wooden tray, is made of natural wood as a raw material tray. Dalian wooden pallets are horizontal platform devices for placing goods and articles as unit load for collection, stacking, handling and transportation. General use of wood, metal, fiberboard production, easy handling, handling unit supplies and small quantities of supplies. The main types of trays are wood, plastic, metal and other materials. Wood is now more widely used because of its cheapness and strength.

       Wooden pallets in accordance with the normal use of standards, can give full play to the effect of wooden pallets, wooden pallet in the long period of goods turnover process is not easy to damage, can extend the life of wooden pallets, reduce the cost of wooden pallets. What are the requirements for the proper use of wooden pallets?

In the cooperative turnover of the forklift in the process, should pay attention to the extra load tray. In general, wooden pallets additional load does not exceed 2 tons. Occasionally, pallet in the use of the palletizing, the operator will work in order to improve efficiency, the palletized goods directly picked from the bottom of the tray, so before the doubled. Practice has proved that overloading is to reduce the frequency of use of the direct culprit tray evil.

Wood tray should be light, to prevent landing force uneven, attack damage. However, in practical application, it is impractical to exercise discretion. This requires a high demand on the impact resistance of the wooden tray itself. Add the durability of wood tray material.

       Wood tray should try to prevent sun exposure, to avoid causing aging, shorten the use of life. However, with the continuous updating of the material of wooden pallets, the new type of polypropylene copolymer wooden pallet is gradually applied to various outdoor environments. Long outdoor use is not easy to aging, deformation.

       Wood pallet cooperation in the use of shelves, should pay attention to the additional tray load, prohibit the use of overload. Especially in the cooperation through the use of three-dimensional shelf, the tray span higher. Necessary, the demand according to the application situation, add steel pipe at the bottom of the tray, to add the tray shelf load.

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