Steel structure construction safety management

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Steel structure engineering is a complicated system engineering. There are many factors involved in the safety problems. To ensure the safe production of the building construction, it is necessary to "fully implement the construction general contracting system" and "fulfill the overall coordination responsibility of the construction unit on the production safety at the construction site" Choose between the two. In the current full implementation of the general construction contract system difficult situation, the latter is more realistic. The government should revise and perfect the relevant laws and regulations and follow the principle of "who subcontracts and who is responsible for coordination" to implement the coordinating responsibilities for production safety at the construction site, urge the construction units to strengthen on-site safety production management so that the post-production safety management of construction projects will proceed in an orderly manner , Norms, to achieve the safety of the whole process of construction.

First, the safety management of the preparatory work

Steel structure construction safety technology management, in the construction of the early to do all aspects of preparatory work. On the basis of guaranteeing safety investment, the project management department functional department - Safety Management Department is responsible for supervising the implementation of safety measures of steel structure hoisting team, establishment of safety management system, use, maintenance and repair of safety appliance supplies.

(1) Ideological education. It is very important for construction staff to instill the idea of safe operation. Security staff is the construction supervisor of construction safety, requiring it to have a strong sense of responsibility and comprehensive safety knowledge. The safety officer must have a safety officer certificate and have several safety management experiences in large-scale construction projects. Security staff must undergo retraining and examinations to continuously consolidate and enhance their safety management capabilities.

(2) Implementation guidelines. According to the principle of "safety first and prevention first" and the principle of "safety first and quality first", the project manager shall formulate the safety production responsibility system and implement the safety production responsibility system to each person to set the safety production responsibility target And regular assessment, build a reasonable security system.

(3) improve supervision. The implementation of supervision strategy is mainly to standardize the construction order in all aspects, and at the same time, formulate feasible safety supervision and safety management measures according to the actual conditions of the whole project. Familiar with drawings and construction sites and the environment, especially the location of important safety control points. Requirements in the certificate of safety work experience and obtain the corresponding national recognition of the certificate of employment.

(4) professional training. In accordance with the characteristics of this project, professional training for safety personnel, including technical training and safety training, shall be conducted by the organization. Lead workers familiar with the construction drawings and construction sites, the environment, especially the distribution of important safety control points. Check the safety management personnel related documents, including the qualification certificate. To enter the scene security officer for technical and safety to explain. Appoint team leader.

Second, work safety protection measures

(1) anti-dropping device

In order to prevent falling from height, the operator must use seat belts when carrying out height work. Due to the large range of activities during the construction of steel structure, it is very difficult to meet the construction requirements with ordinary seat belts. The seat belts with speed difference automatic control (also called speed difference or fall arrestor or fall arrest buffer) should be adopted.

During the lifting and installation of steel columns, in order to ensure workers remove the lifting wire rope under the safe condition, a safety rope is added at the hook. The height is determined according to the site and used to hang the safety gear on the safety belt. Staff climbing steel ladder, the use of self-locking device to solve the problem of steel ladder without protection. Self-locking device should be careful not to use the anti-mounted; personnel climbing, the self-locking device has always been accompanied by the construction staff must be linked to the safety belt on the pendant hook to avoid a fall accident.

(2) steel beams, steel safety rope suspension

After more than two steel columns fixed, you must pull the security rope (wire rope or coarse brown rope), in order to be tethered to the seat belt. Steel beam hanging Φ6mm wire rope, the suspension height of 1.2m, every 3m erected not less than 1.2m high ∟ 70 × 70 × 7 (mm) for supporting the safety rope, and the use of basket bolts tighten the safety rope to prevent safety due to safety Safety failure caused by too long rope. Workers walking on steel beams, seat belts must be suspended in the safety rope.

(3) steel ladder settings

Steel structure construction safety management

Temporary lifting ladder, use ∟ 70 × 70 × 7 (mm) to do ladder support, the use of M14 bolts to the angle steel fixed to the steel column, the ladder using 40 × 4 (mm) flat steel armrests, with Φ14 round steel ladder Stool, ladder width should not be less than 40cm, steel must be connected firmly, stable, not shaking.

(4) operating platform

Installation of steel beams and support, the main part of the steel beam safety guards linked to the rope, the staff will be hanging on the protective rope walk. Steel column installed in sections. Butt, bolt fastening, in order to ensure the safe operation of workers, from the first paragraph of steel column top 1.2m position erection of the operating platform. The number of platforms is determined according to the progress of the construction site, to ensure normal turnover, does not affect the lifting work. Installation of the operating platform to set up a good welder to create a working environment to ensure the safe operation of welders. The disassembly and disassembly of the platform is convenient, safe and reliable, and provides safe production guarantee to the process of steel column docking installation, calibration, weld appearance treatment and ultrasonic flaw detection.

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