What are the effects of dry red wine?

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Wine has four main health functions.

1, anti-aging, softening blood vessels. Wine contains a unique substance --- polyphenols, which can dilate blood vessels, so that the vessel wall to maintain flexibility to prevent atherosclerosis and maintain vascular permeability, to prevent body oxidation.

2, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial. Resveratrol, the magic of this fruit from grape fruits has a direct effect on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and can also be anti-cancer and anti-bacterial.

3, improve visceral function. Tannins in wine, pigments, flavonoids and other substances, can promote blood circulation, aid digestion.

4, beauty beauty. Women often drink wine, nourishing blood, beauty beauty, the skin elasticity, promote digestion of the stomach.

Of course, the benefits of wine on the human body far more than that. A glass of wine a day, but also lower blood cholesterol levels, to prevent myocardial infarction, bactericidal slimming ... ... so known as the human not bitter medicine.

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